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YonniRed  started the online course for locticians, barbers and stylists, because they could not get a full loc education in school or remember all of the steps in the live classes. They only teach 1 or 2 styles in the live class, so locticians, barbers and stylists will have to continue to take live classes, which take a lot of time, energy and money.

With over 1,000 satisfied locticians, barbers and stylists, the list just keeps on climbing. 

This FREE training class cut's right to the chase and reveals exactly how you can learn the loc style techniques and even start teaching your own classes. 

This training reveals the exact same methods to you for FREE! Register now.
Need A Loctician
 That Doesn't Pull 
Your Hair Tight?

Al-Teron Williams @al.teron
Models "The Man"
"YonniRed proves all stereotypes about locs being too skinny to style all the time to be false because I get my hair done VERY OFTEN with constantly having to become  different people. The styles that we come up with not only go CaaaaaRaaaaazzzY but sometimes they can look like they cause heavy tension 
on the scalp but i can guarantee you that i barely feel the diiference between styles in regards to tightness. 

Hi, I'm YonniRed and i have been doing locs for 25 years & teaching for 18 years. The man hairstyle was first introduced in 2009 at the 
World Natural Hair Show! I wont reveal all my secrets like how i get him to stand on his own but i am sharing a free e-book to teach you how i get my retwist to perfection without using drying gels or pomades. =

Filmed "The Man"
I've been creating art for ten years I have never seen a hairstylist like YonniRed.  Loved working on this project .
When I'm not creating art I'm enjoying being the best dad I can be. 

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