"The Art of Retwist" "How to Palmroll" Workbook

"The Art of Retwist" "How to Palmroll" Workbook

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Earn More While Charging Your Clients Less!

Perfect Your Palmroll To Make Your Styles Stay Neater Longer!

Avoid the errors that lead to thinning locs, color damage, and dry locs and hair. 

When you upgrade your quality, you increase the value of your retwist

& that's a DIFFERENCE clients can FEEL and see.

When clients are LOOKING at locticians,

 they won't know about the retwist techniques that you'll find in this book. 

Anyone can do a retwist, however, look back in a week

and if your client's locs are still itch-free, shining, and roots twisted than you ,my 

loc baby are more valuable in the client's eyes!

Even if you charge double, if your services last 3 times the competition,

you are still the most affordable option over time. 


  1. This book will teach you how to do a valuable retwist.

  2. This book helps you to easily stand out from the crowd even though you have higher pricing!  You upgrade the value! So even if you charge more than others your clients will spend less money.

A retwist that last 3 weeks at $150 cost the same amount as one that last one week for $50.  retwist thinning locs? Are you struggling to keep your retwist neat? Do you retwist well but don't understand what products you should use?

Chapters include:

  • Power of the Palmroll,
  • Clip Placement,
  • Product Knowledge, 
  • Retwist Logic (explains the loccing process in great detail so you understand whats happening during budding , mummification, and becoming a full loc
  • There is also a glossary for industry terms
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