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Loc Biz in a Box

Loc Biz in a Box

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This loc class has everything you will need to start a loc biz like an expert so you can quit your job and make more money than you've ever, in the next 90 days.

What's included immediately:

  • 6-month access to the YR loc library with over 20 loc styling techniques, including braids over locs, barrels, baskets, updos & more!

What else do you get to become the loc expert quickly?:

  • 1-on-1 Hands-On as needed
  • Loc Styling Instruction
  • Stop Tight Styles Hack
  • 5 Product Regimens that add moisture, stop thinning
  • How to quickly get locs clean without harsh vinegar detoxes that destroy locs
  • 5 Proven product recipes that make damaged locs healthy again
  • Diseases of the hair and scalp Training- (know when to  fix or call a doctor)
  • 2 practice mannequins, mannequin stand, loc extensions, afro hair for repairs,
  • Recommended Shampoo and conditioner, plus combs, clips, hair products & more tools
  • In-person, hands-on

For your business start-up:

  • Step-by-step way to quickly build clientele including consultations and pricing
  • How to structure your clients so you don't lose pay while becoming your own boss
  • How to find customers that'll pay the prices you want
  • Exactly what to say to get clients to book
  • Website & logo design
  • Weekly zooms with hands-on and biz training
  • How to get health insurance & a retirement account
  • How to use & set up a booking app
  • How to accept online payments 
  • How to Become a hair show presenter
  • How to Choose your workspace (suite, salon, or home-based)
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