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Beginner Retwist & Style Class

Beginner Retwist & Style Class

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WHEN:  Next Wednesday at 7 pm Eastern time

WHY: Because you need to ensure the health of your family's locs especially when spending your hard-earned money


After taking this class you will be able to wash, retwist and style your family with ease.  

You will learn:

  • How to choose a shampoo that will keep locs moisturized and itch-free
  • How to wash exactly to remove buildup 
  • What factors affect buildup and how to skip them so hair time is quick and easy
  • How to retwist exactly so it can last 4 weeks
  • How to retwist so the roots don't unravel
  • Exactly what products are healthy and where to get them
  • 2 popular styles that your family is already wearing
  • How to do styles without tightness
  • A moisture regimen that really works

What's needed to be successful: A loc model, a nearby sink, and a ring light, any loc products you may have, once you sign up you will receive a link for my recommended products. 

This is a live class, you will be required to keep your camera pointed at the correct angles for my teachers to see what you are doing. This is the YonniRed virtual class and requires no travel, we can see and hear each other and you are guided step-by-step. Completely for beginners. 



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