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100% Royalty Scalp Sip Oil w/ Free Shipping

100% Royalty Scalp Sip Oil w/ Free Shipping

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The miracle behind the YonniRed Loc Care. It’s the reason why my clients locks are flawless. This oil makes hair care so easy 

  • Soothes dry scalp,
  • preserves colored locs,
  • stops shedding,
  • halts  thinning,
  • aids in the repair of the scalp after scratching,
  • seals &strengthens shorter hairs to thicken naturally after scratching
  • After bath to feel baby soft all day 
  • add spray to water bottle to create a powerful moisture sealant spray 


Other remedies my clients used it for a listed below : 

dry skin and cracked feet.

to heal excema. 

Makes locs feel fuller instantly. 

Thicker so a little goes along way.

Leaves no oil residue.

No preservatives, No chemicals used in the creation of this oil. 


not greasy 


cinnamon scented 

can also be used as massage oil for sore muscles . 

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