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Learn the Loc Styles that will make you the best loctician in your city! 

All you need is an open mind and willingness to learn. I've provided everything else including the models and the tools needed. Your confidence will be built instantly so you can start or continue building your loc career.  

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Charo took the hands-on bootcamp in Raliegh, NC. See what she had to say!

Locticians take a break during class to share how its going for them! 

Rayshod attended my  online hands-on class without a model . Here's what happened


Frequently Asked Questions

 Is this a hands-on loc class?

Yes. We are providing the models and all the tools for you just to make sure there is nothing stopping you from learning hands-on.

 Can I attend virtually?

No. However, you can signup for my next virtual hands-on by going to to sign up for my next virtual hands-on class. If you don't have a model you can purchase a kit from us. 

 Can I pay in cash?

Yes. You can pay on location. Just call the number on the flyer to set up the meeting at the class location. In cash payments are non refundable, and must be paid in full at least 14 days prior to class.

Do I need a Model?

No. We provide everything needed.

Can I record the training?

No. However you will receive any footage of our recordings of the training. 

 Do you accept refund requests?

Refunds are only available at least 2 weeks prior to the class date for any location. We will need time to fill the slot in the event of a cancellation. Or you may transfer your ticket to someone else with prior notification

Is there parking?

Parking will vary by location. For specifics, you can reach out to us at

Will there be lunch provided. 

This will vary by location. For specifics, you can reach out to us at

Will we retwist locs in this class?

No. Your model will already be twisted and ready to style. However we will provide you with all the information and tools needed to start or perfect your retwist.  

Will I be able to purchase your products or the kit ? 

Yes, however the class price includes your use of our products and tools. There will be an email sent to you to help you purchase any additional tools and products to take home.

The Loc Style Learning Guarantee

I guarantee that if you come with an open mind & willingness to learn, I will make sure you get it, even if I have to teach it in 4 or 5 different learning styles. 

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Do You Need Help With Neat Retwist?

Get the workbook to learn how to retwist like a pro!
we've already done that for you!

  • ​Wanna be sure your technique is not thinning locs?
  • ​Wanna make clients see your quality  is more than others?
  • Having trouble getting a neat retwist?

Having trouble getting your palmroll to last? Never learned exactly how to execute a retwist?
If you struggle with clipping or frizzy locs, you're gonna want this workbook. Perfect your retwist today with step-by-step instructions. Get better results than watching a video

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